Media questions answered?

While busy to finish a number of things (like work) this week I found myself scanning headlines in online news sites looking for headlines that were questions.
It was a slightly strange feeling, as I didn’t actually want to read anything I just wanted to give quick answers to questions that were clearly designed to hook in readers – I didn’t know where it was going, but it was a thing to do.

It also was to take my mind off the greatest science experiment I have ever heard of – one that involved a dolphin, LSD, and interspecies hand jobs. You should really give it a read (item number 4 on that page). 

Back to the media's questions – I took a sample and gave some answers:

Because it isn’t a very good beer and people in other countries can identify better beers and as such aren’t willing to pay much for a horrible beer. Also, because people in New Zealand are willing to pay higher prices for it, they will be charged higher prices. If people aren’t happy, stop buying it and the company will be forced to change something, be it price or marketing, but either way it should become better for the consumer. 

Yes. There are around 7 billion people on Earth, life happens constantly at an exponential rate. It isn't special, it isn't a miracle. It is that cheap. 

No, it isn’t. But the way you sit and use it might be. But, chances are so is the way you watch TV, use your computer and read books.
On the plus side, in a few million years it won’t be a problem because we will have evolved and have more flexible necks or something and everything will be fine. 

It is a guy holding a jar with some kind of, ah, fish/underwater creature in it.


6. And they are all fantastic. I think 4 is probably the best.
(Also, this is a poorly worded question. 1 season has just finished, because they only ever air one season at a time. The season that finished was season 6, but that is not how many seasons just finished, as the question actually asked)

Yes it did. The original went for one season, people loved it, and in the end they found out who the killer was. Obviously the US networks couldn’t let that happen as that costs them money – they need a second season, so, at the end they invent a twist that doesn’t actually make sense and nothing gets resolved.
No one should have watched this in New Zealand (as you all should have already known this happened, as people in the US got pissed about it months ago, when it aired there), and no one should watch the second season. Again, it is a situation where customers are letting companies treat them badly for no reason. Here is a hint, stop giving them money if you are upset (or, if you love something, do give them money, that way it will stay around). 

No, it isn’t, not for you personally, but yes, it is, for the country – especially soon.
I know, that is a cop out, but let me explain:

No, retirement is not unhealthy for you. The article seems to point that it means you are no longer thinking and then your brain goes to mush – sure, if you retire and stop thinking, but if you do that then retirement isn’t unhealthy, you are.
As for the country part, well, we can’t afford everyone retiring and costing the country that much money. I don’t know what that means, but, it is a thing, right? 

I am guessing it is that guy! Chris Barton! Wait, no, that doesn’t make sense, he is writing the article and asking the question, he isn’t qualified to actually do anything, which means…

ME! I am speaking out on the big issues! I am pro-The Economy, anti-Financial Crisis, and anti-inequality as long as I don’t have to do anything about it myself! Done!

Either that, or no one because they don’t care?

I did go looking for more things, but it turns out other news sites like BBC and CNN don’t have headlines that are questions (or very few of them). Isn’t that weird?

And another thing – Do you think that if the attacker in this case was fat, and maybe had attacked more people, they would have referred to him as Stabber-the-Hutt…