Super Bowl XLVI

I did plan on posting a write up of the Super Bowl, but as I began watching the game I heard the following:
This telecast is copyrighted by the NFL for the private use of our audience [and] any other use of this telecast or [of] any pictures, descriptions or accounts of the game without the NFL's consent is prohibited
So I guess my recap can't include any details of the game, or actual descriptions of what happened, which leaves me with the following information I can share:
Two teams played football. One team ended up defeating the other. During the half time break there was some form of performance that was either good or bad, or maybe in between. Also, during breaks in the play there were advertisements.
Well... that was worthwhile, right?

Being in New Zealand to watch the game I didn't actually get to see any of the 'good' ads that were played during the game, instead I got to see the same 7 ads repeated 30 times each, again and again... every single ad break... Yes, ESPN in New Zealand is generally hard to watch. But, my complains about New Zealand TV can wait for another day.

So, where does that leave me?
Well, here is a link to an actual recap of the game... and, well.. I think the highlight of the game was the food I was eating:
And THAT is why the Super Bowl is fantastic!
And now 7 months without football... wait, when does Madden come out?

After a bit of investigation I have decided that maybe that NFL disclaimer doesn't hold up, and apparently no one can own facts or stats (which was discussed in greater detail in a recent Tuesday Morning Quarterback), so, here are some facts of the game:
The Super Bowl was a pretty fantastic game to watch, with a tense finish and some good football being played, there was also some retarded stuff that happened. The Giants won, and I guess that makes people in New York pretty happy.
Apparently there is more than one reason I am not a sports writer... but I tend to think it is the drinking during the game, and now, that caused most the damage.

In related news, Madonna performed at half time and was exactly what you expected - an old lady trying to be Lady Gaga, lip syncing to Madonna songs. Not exactly fantastic, but I guess I am not the audience for bad music that holds up a football game (then again, I am not sure who is the audience for this. Do these people actually exist? And why do we let them?).

The half time show was not without controversy though, as NBC stated we saw a "spontaneous gesture", which is an unusual way to same some chick flipped off the audience.
I say some chick because until I read that article I didn't know who M.I.A was. Actually, I still don't and I don't know I ever will - and that is the problem with the pretend controversy about this incident:
Who cares?
Really, who could possibly care about this? Do people actually get offended by someone flipping them (or someone else) off? Is that a thing? I bet these are the same people who enjoy the half time show in the first place, and I am not convinced they are real.
Do these people also get annoyed at people swearing? Because I cant really understand that either.

Here is my explanation for what happened: some "musician" was pissed off that she was just a footnote to a Madonna performance and wasn't getting paid for it, so she demonstrated her unhappiness.
Or, she is just retarded and was flipping off her fans because she doesn't understand that those people are the ones that make her famous and get her paid. Or, she did it to stir up some talk about her to further the sales of her presumably crappy album or music video that was coming out a few days later.

I guess the short story of it is that it was one of those things that people want to make into a big deal just so there was something to talk about. And because people were talking about it, other people talked about it, and all of a sudden I realise I have just furthered that which I am apparently angry about... damn.

So, yes, that was the Super Bowl!