Marmite: What the hell is wrong with this country

Surely I don’t need to explain the story. There has been so much news coverage over it in the past few days that we all must know the story by now: 
Marmite stock is running out
Yes, that’s right, New Zealand is apparently facing a shortage of one brand of yeast based spread – it’s the end of the fucking world.

Or at least that seems to be the angle the media is taking with it. Hell, they have coined the [horrible] name ‘Marmageddonto describe the event. As someone who doesn’t eat Marmite I can’t help but not think this is a big deal, or even a marginally news worthy event – especially not something our Prime Minister needs to weigh in on. But even if I really did like Marmite, I don’t think it can be justified the level of coverage, discussion, and fear-mongering that seems to be going into this story.  


It isn’t like it is a necessity of life, we aren’t running out of clean drinking water, or supplies of blood for hospitals (although, we probably are) – why are we making a big deal about this?

It has been suggested that maybe it is a stunt for Sanitarium to try and boost sales by making people think the supply is scare. In a business sense this is probably a fine idea, until you realise they are claiming a lack of supply due to devastating earthquakes from a year ago. This would then mean that either stock is really old already, or, that they have decided they want to cash in on a natural disaster, both of which aren’t really great things for a company to do.

But, stunt or not something we should all agree on is that this is totally unimportant.

Seriously, this is not news and it is particularly not important news at that.

Maybe it is a ploy by the New Zealand media (if they are that) to improve New Zealand’s image in the rest of the world. I mean, this story is on the BCC as world news. That probably doesn’t reflect well on them, but at the same time it leaves people who read it to believe the most important thing happening in New Zealand is a lack of toping for toast – when you compare that to the people who were burning down Athens, or the fact little Jewish kids are getting shot at schools in France maybe New Zealand is seeming like a fantastic holiday destination.

And that is probably why this story annoys me the most.

 The Herald has a seemingly infinite number of different articles on their website that all cover this [anti-]story instead of giving extra coverage to all the other stuff that is going on in the world or New Zealand.

Yet, once again, I find myself being a part of the problem – I am once again writing about the exact news story I am horrified at being a news story. A sick spiral it is. But, I like to think at least by pointing out some of the many failings of the New Zealand media maybe it will help at some point down the road. Anything is possible, right?

Marmite, as it has been referred to in this article(sic) actually has an interesting history. Marmite is a product that was invented in the UK and isn’t really the same as the NZ version. The reason for this is Sanitarium took out a trademark on the name in NZ before the UK version could be sold here, effectively locking it out of the NZ market. Sanitarium then took advantage of the abundance of UK ex-pats in New Zealand to sell Marmite(NZ) and establish it as a brand. I am told they have done this with other products too.  

Really, Sanitarium kind of seem like they are dicks.