A day at Lord's

England is pretty old.
Because of that (and because they wrote of much of history) they claim to be the home of a lot of things.
You know, things like rugby, bad weather, cups o’ tea, democracy, the English language… those kinds of things.
Cricket might be one thing they claim to be the home of that you can’t totally disagree with.


At some point in my first weeks of English living I went to the first day of a test at Lord's… and Lord's is awesome.

Lots of England is awesome actually - did you realise you can just drink anywhere you go?
The point here is that a day at Lord's is excellent because you can take your own alcohol in with you.
This isn't to say the reason to go to a day at Lord's is so you can get drunk, but a day at a test match is made a lot nicer knowing you wont have to pay extortionate prices all day (you will still pay quite a lot - you can only take a limited amount in with you, but it’s a good start).

But even more than that, Lord's is just a pretty neat place.

There is lots of stuff to look at. There is a big slope (seriously - the entire ground really is on a pretty significant slope which is noticeable if you look along the bottom of the advertising around the stands). There are people giving out free things. There are even marching bands that wander around on the field….

However, because cricket is a gentleman's game, there are some rules that must be followed when visiting Lord's. Luckily they are all nicely written down and easy to follow.

Some of the best ones are

b. All persons entering the Ground are subject to the Regulations of MCC who reserve the right to remove from the Ground any person who refuses to comply with them, or who makes racially abusive comments, or who acts in a racially abusive manner, or whose presence is a source of danger or annoyance to others.

Doesn’t that mean certain players can’t show up? Surely there are some Australians who would be considered a source of annoyance to others? Or, you know, Kevin Pietersen.

l. On no occasion is play guaranteed.

Never! Not even during play!


i. No betting (unless specifically authorised by the MCC Committee), unnecessary noise, or confusion of any kind is permitted in any part of the Ground. 

What does that mean?
Why are so many things mentioned in the same rule?
What does “No confusion of any kind” mean?
Also, what is unnecessary noise? Is that people who can’t breath without making sounds?

Another thing I noticed was after the game the crowd, however drunk, still seemed pretty well mannered and orderly. Months later I will be subjected to football and rugby crowds which are… not like this.

Nearby Lord's you can also see one of the famous English Castles that you have probably heard so much about:

If you are catching the tube (which is what all the popular kids in London do), you might also walk past this famous door.

Well, presumably famous - there was a line outside. Then again, given there are lots of people in London (and English people love queues) there are lines outside of lots and lots of things - many of which are almost certainly not worth waiting in line for.


Actually, that is probably a perfect time to mention Harry Potter (the 3rd most famous English wizard) - you may not know this, but in the Kings Cross train station there is half a luggage trolley sticking out of a wall. You know what happens there? Massive lines. All day. People just get weird about lines.


Anyway, if you get a chance, go to Lord's. It is excellent.