Moving Overseas, Part 1

I'm sure some people say the first step in any journey is always the hardest, and if they don't then I guess that makes me some cliché-thinking-up genius.


I started this site at a major crossroads in my life. Actually, maybe more just a major point, because a crossroads seems to imply I had hard decisions to make, while really the decisions that have been made seemed oddly straight forward.




I am now unemployed (as of one day ago), I have a mortgage, and I am about to pack up my life and move overseas for at least a few years. All seemingly major things, but the decisions leading to those events all seemed laid out long ago, so they were almost foregone conclusions as they arrived.

But right now I find myself realising that packing up even a small amount your life is a daunting task. There are so many things to do, and so much stuff to deal with.

See, I wouldn't exactly call myself materialistic (because who would want to do that?), but it also isn't like I am compared to the Buddha very often. It just seems to me that collecting a lot of stuff is an [maybe] unfortunate byproduct of modern life in the western world. Yes, I could have worked harder to, for example, not have a huge collection of CDs and DVDs (especially considering the lack of foresight it showed for the digital revolution), but something like that is very rarely going to be someone's focus. It was just incidental stuff I acquired along the way, sometimes without thinking, or stuff that I really should have thrown away years ago, but that has hung around and now holds sentimental value.

Ignoring all of that for a moment the situation remains the same - moving sucks. Sure, you could try and look at it from a positive point of view, but where is the fun in that? Plus, this is the Internet, things that are positive aren’t nearly as interesting as things that are negative.

So, around now maybe I should have some kind of point to make, and I think the key would be - hire movers. They may only solve half of the problems of moving, but that means there are half the amount of things to worry about.

Also, where possible, give yourself loads of time. I know that probably isn’t a viable option in most cases, but when you can just do things really slowly without pressure there is way less pressure to do things (surprising, I know).


So, there are my two tips of moving overseas (for now).


Yes, this was largely a post to add new content to the site - further, more interesting things coming soon.