Moving Overseas, Part 3

Packing! Just like I promised… I guess.


I did delay posting this slightly. See I wrote a lot of it after the first day of packing, which was literally just packing clothes (as you will see). It was pretty entertaining stuff (well, it was at least stuff), but as I read it I realised people probably didn’t want to read just packing clothes. So, now you get not only packing clothes, but also packing beds, and movers (not packing them), and storage lockers, and moving into apartments! It is really a riveting ride. Do enjoy.

This was not going to be a fun time

This was not going to be a fun time

The best bit is I did it all mostly sober.

So, at the end of our last part the hero (me?) had managed to start packing by drinking as much alcohol as possible to allow empty bottles to be thrown away. It was a cunning, if naive, plan. It also didn’t really work. The only remaining alternative was to actually start packing, which I was going to do… after a few other things.

See, I had been told that water was really bad for houses. It is like that old saying, you can lead a house to water, but if it drinks too much you are probably screwed. So being an attentive homeowner I went off to a hardware store and brought some silicon sealant.
There are no photos to show you of my efforts (mostly out of embarrassment), but let’s just say I decided that more was best. Also, it did say that it takes 72 hours to fully cure, which I might not have understood completely, but I was going to obey fully.
(I know this aside might seem a waste of space, but it totally pays off with a joke later on)

Now, it was time for packing.

Luckily for me packing in modern times isn’t as hard as it used to be - thanks to the Internet. See, on the Internet you can find excellent tips and hints to make packing super easy. Actually, easy ins’t a great word, but at least it is more interesting.

The best packing technique I found was rolling clothes. It might be because I have an abundance of t-shirts, but to me rolling clothes just made sense. It was super quick and easy, and with a good tuck technique the shirts hold themselves together. It does mean that you can’t always identify the shirt after it is rolled up, but if you aren’t concerned about what you will wear it works wonders.
Here is a good link for how to roll t-shirts well

I wouldn't say it was fun. But it wasn't a terrible time.

I wouldn't say it was fun. But it wasn't a terrible time.

Rollin' with my homies?  (Yep, that might have been a Clueless reference)

Rollin' with my homies?

(Yep, that might have been a Clueless reference)

For other items rolling still works, just not quite as well. This page had a couple of good ways to roll pants and socks. Everything else is pretty obvious - just roll things tightly and it should work out.

The only other thing was shirts, and though you can find guides to fold shirts to avoid wrinkles pretty easily, this one for suits/shirts seemed legit.


Hmm… that was two lifehacker links… I’m not only pimping them, it’s just that they do have some good guides when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Everything else just makes sense, jam stuff in shoes. Use packing cells.  And I guess plan what you really need to take/wear.

That last point I have really ignored - but I blame this on the NBA. See, how was I meant to really focus on packing when I had playoff basketball games to watch from 6 am?
I guess the other question you might ask now is - did you get up at 6 am to watch basketball and roll t-shirts? And the answer of course is a resounding yes.

That basically summed up the first day of packing, at the end of which I decided to go back to the previous days attempts of finishing some liquor. See, there was this bottle of scotch I had been working through for a little while, and there was an episode of Game of Thrones to watch… so it seemed to work out completely. See, there was about a glass full left in the bottle, unfortunately you don’t normally drink a glass FULL of scotch. I am not one to let small things like social convention of drinking along stop me packing, so I had my scotch, watched the episode, and then continued rolling t-shirts for a few more hours. I have a lot of t shirts...

The next day I learned something I should have already known, taking beds apart is far easier than putting them together (not that either is particularly hard). Still, dont expect help from other people.

Another handy hint for moving is inviting your parents over. Not only are they great company they are fantastic at packing away kitchens, and even better at gardening.

By now your house should be looking something like this:

That only took 3 days...

That only took 3 days...

Then this is where the movers come in. See, movers are both the best and worst thing. It's great because it's work you don't have to do, and would probably be bad at. But it's also super awkward. Sure, you could offer help, but not offering help is easier. But that then means you are just standing around watching them. Which is super weird, trust me.
A good tactic is busying yourself with cleaning or other "tasks" that need to be done. It sort of works, but everyone involved really knows what's going on. In the end just hang out the back and take photos of their truck. Way less weird.

A truck helps. Go figure?

A truck helps. Go figure?

t's actually more awkward at the storage unit, then you have no where to plausibly hide. Instead sit to the side and keep saying things like "we need to make a list of other stuff we have to do". I did make that list, but it didn't take me an hour.

Photo is taken from here because the other rooms still had lots of stuff in them

Photo is taken from here because the other rooms still had lots of stuff in them

After all of that there is just around 6 hours of cleaning to get through. You also have to take at least one car load to you temporary accommodation. Once there i really suggest having a shower.
This is when I realised that my last shower had been almost three days ago. I was probably taking the unemployed, homeless, thing a bit far.
(I told you that pointless shower scene above would pay off?)

Also, the “things to do before leaving the country” list is still about 15 items long.

Moving, good, good times...