A selfish assessment of the NBA and NHL playoffs

I’m not going to pretend I care much about either set of the playoffs this year (honestly I am not ever that invested in the NHL playoffs, other than the fact they are very entertaining no matter what), but as I will be in the states for all of May, and really like both sports, I do have some very specific rooting interests that help the chances I will get to go along to a game.

So, without any ado at all really, here are my picks for the remaining first round series:


Houston over Portland, in 7 (you will see winning in 7 being a theme here)
Clippers of Golden State, in 7
Washington over the Bulls, in 7
Brooklyn over the Raptors, in 7

That is all fine - except for the fact that I would probably like all those match ups to go the other way if not for the fact I am wanting to see some games.

In terms of the other games, I want the Heat and Thunder to win, as it means I have a chance to see LeBron, KD, and Steven Adams.

I want the Spurs to win, which also then works out well with the timing for games (I think). It would also be awesome to see that team play (especially as it would be against Houston who are pretty hard to like due to Dwight Howard).

As for the other series in the East… I mean, I guess it would be good to see the Pacers rather than Atlanta.

Really, looking at when and where I will be in the US, I think the best chance is the Clippers in round two in LA, and Washington in the Eastern Conference Finals… if that happens.

Well, a lot of the trip is kind of in the South, so not exactly a hot bed of ice hockey activity.

In saying that if the Rangers and Boston win their series in 7 games it might work out OK.


Yep… you’re right, may not be getting along to any games unfortunately. Playoffs are hard to plan for.


Still, the NBA has been fantastic so far, and being jobless has allowed me to watch a lot. Back to Houston v Portland game 3. Go Houston, I guess.

Maybe next time I will actually make some calls as to what I actually think will happen in these series. Who knows! Stay tuned for more!