Don’t drink and drive, and don’t throw drinks on the ground either

The New Zealand Transportation Authority (NZTA) are wrong.

Not necessarily about the high level message they want to send to people, but the means they are doing it.

I have probably jumped ahead a bit, let me go back. Almost everything about this advert is wrong:

I understand you want to get the message across that you shouldn’t drink and drive. But the message they seem to be conveying here is “if you are driving make sure you make a big scene about it and where possible waste someone else's beers”

Watch the ad again - the guy who is leaving clearly goes to catch the beer and then moves out of the way. He intentionally lets the beer smash on the ground, wasted.

This doesn’t make him cool, this doesn’t help prove his point, this just creates a situation where everyone else there has no option but to think that he is a stupid dickhead.

Why can’t he catch the beer, then put it down and say he has to drive so he won’t drink it?
Why doesn’t he stop the person throwing it in the first place?
Why is he leaving at all? Sure, he is driving, but that doesn’t mean he has to leave when no one else is. Can’t he keep hanging out without drinking?
Doesn’t the ad imply everyone else is still staying there drinking? Doesn’t that mean that he is letting his friends drive drunk?

Apparently the NZTA think these ads are so good and effective they made a series of about 10 of them! All of them are exactly the same, and come to the same conclusion - one guy in every group is a dick who will let beers smash on the ground, and also who won’t offer his drunk friends a ride home. 

As a counterpoint, Ireland make fantastic drink driving ads. Take this one as an example:

The little kid basically vanishes! He is so utterly obliterated by the vehicle there is nothing left. That is a hard hitting ad that would make people not want to drink and drive.
Or this other one I just found today (but I see was on Reddit a year ago):

Again, that add is going to stay with you and make you reconsider drinking and driving.


The NZTA need to learn from Ireland.