More nights in Vegas - Fat and Shows

Vegas is a strange town. You can stay there for four days and it will feel like it flies by, and yet individual days can feel so long and can really wear you down. I guess it is the fact you stay up late and drink lots. At the same time it is probably the fact that you are often doing the same thing (or similar things) just in different places, so it might feel like you do lots yet when you think about it all you did was drink and gamble.

Actually, it is probably the walking.

Being in Vegas you have to question how Americans can be so fat. Not because you don’t see fat Americans in Vegas (you do, lots), but more because as a tourist (at least coming from New Zealand) you seem to do a lot of walking, even while drinking and gambling.

Sure, the fatness obviously comes from the drinking and eating (which is I guess the third thing you do in Vegas), but I still think I was walking a lot more than I would do on a normal day at work.

Sometimes in Vegas the statues fight back

Sometimes in Vegas the statues fight back

Speaking of eating, on this trip to Vegas it was the first time I went to a buffet and it was… interesting.

I am the wrong person to take to a buffet - I am kind of a picking eater, and I also really don’t eat seafood, so I’m never getting real value. In saying that, it was still awesome. At one point I ate a whole plate of shaved parmesan cheese and no one looked at me weird (other than the people I was eating with, but they were probably giving me those looks beforehand).

I also went to a Vegas show, which was a huge let down. The last time I was in Vegas I saw Holly Madison in Peepshow which may not have been super classy, but it was pretty fun (I also met Jerry Springer after the show). This time I went to the Cirque du Soleil show Mystere, and, well, I didn’t think much of it. I don’t know what I was thinking going in, but the show just wasn’t all that interesting. If there was a story, I missed it, and without a story all that happened was different groups of dancers came out and danced around. There were maybe three bits that were excellent, with cool flips and acrobatic acts, but the rest of it was just people dancing around with no reason for me to care.

Maybe other Cirque shows are better, but based on this sampling I would struggle to suggest people go and see them, you can have more fun with a few drinks and going to a comedy show or something else. I guess people tend to go to them, because other people go to them and say it is good. Also, because people say stuff is good, other people are worried of going against popular opinion and saying it isn’t. 

Cirque du Soleil has basically become the Emperor's New Clothes, something that isn’t great, but because people say it is, no one want’s to correct them (or, maybe just this one show is the problem).