Footnotes to Vegas

(Tried posting this with a bad Internet connection from a tablet, hopefully it works out)

With the Vegas trip over and most the details already told in these posts, I had a few other final thoughts on things that happened (I haven't mentioned the helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon which was excellent, but not totally interesting to read about).

- You can get all sorts of drinks in Vegas, including wine in cans, or wine in cartons. Sure, I didn't drink those, but it's easy to be classy
You can also get an ice cream float made with Guinness

- A good idea for a new casino, a Buddhist themes casino. It works because people can come and give away all their possessions, just like the Buddha says to?

- Las Vegas stole my idea of the hangover cure IV. Sure, it wasn't technically my idea, but I'm a big fan of it. My idea was more the home IV, where you get the shunt put in and when you get home drunk you hook up and go to sleep. Then you always wake up feelings great. Taking it a step further, that IV should give you all your required daily nutrients, that way during the day you don't have to waste time eating!

- There could well be 1000 Starbucks in Vegas. Every casino has at least 3, and everywhere else it seems like you can always see one if not two.
My favourite order I heard was a venti non-fat caramel frappuccino with 2 extra shots and extra whipped cream

- There are babies everywhere. It's amazing how many people take really young kids to Vegas. What's really weird about it is that they keep the kids out till 2am too. I just don't get it.

- Most the bathrooms (or toilets, depending on where you are) in Vegas are nice. Well, as far as public bathrooms go. But it does become noticeable when bathrooms aren't nice. The key to 'nice' here is automation, everything should be automated. The Monte Carlo doesn't have automated soap dispensers, while the bathrooms in Paris should be nicer considering what the casino is like.

- There is a fun people watching game to play in Vegas, it is a spin off of the game "real or fake" (you figure that out), it's called "hooker or wife". See, in Vegas you see all types of people and all types of couples. You also see lots of hookers. So, when you see an odd couple you determine if they are married, or a, um, 'professional couple'. You could also add a mistress category if you want.

- My final Vegas idea is alcoholic lip balm. It's just what it seems, lip balm that you put on and it has alcohol in it, so it gets you drunk as well. I mean, everything else gets you drunk, you can get powered alcohol, so why not lip balm? Especially as the dry desert air in Vegas means you need lip balm.