Arctic Monkeys and what people do wrong at concerts

2nd May 2014 - Auckland Vector Arena, Arctic Monkeys Concert
There was something about this night that just seemed fantastic. It could have been the fact that earlier that day I had received my passport, which meant I was actually going on holiday; but it equally could have been the mix of drinks I had before/during the concert. Or, just maybe, it could have been the fact the Arctic Monkeys are fantastic. Really, really, fantastic.

This isn't exactly news, they are pretty well know and liked, but the show they put on was a slick performance from start to finish. It left you feeling like you wanted more, but also exceptionally happy with what you had gotten to see. I guess that comes when a band produces so many songs that are so well loved, any collection feels like a stream of hits, but also missing a whole host of other equally as good songs.

There was just something about them that made you think you were watching one of the best bands of their generation. Which seems weird to say, they are only 27 years old, but given the huge age range in the crowd (which overall probably skewed to the 30ish and up) it feels appropriate.

Great stuff, would do again.

As an aside, people in the audience at concerts just do things wrong. This isn't new, but this concert and NIN/QotSA earlier this year solidified a few things for me:

  • Don't play candy crush at a concert
  • You don't really need to take photos with your phone, unless you are close they probably won't look good at all
  • Don't take photos with your flash on. Do you understand how things work? You're like 130 feet from the stage, your phone flash isn't lighting the subject at all, it's a waste of effort, you look crazy
  • Don't record songs. Again, this will look and sound terrible
  • If you insist on recording videos, don't hold your phone in portrait (people who do this in any video recording situation are the worst people ever)