Footnotes to September 2015

Well, it's the end of summer, and that's good news for you because I am totally blaming summer for me not writing anything. Maybe that isn't true, but it is the story I am sticking with and how can you prove me wrong?

I guess there was also a bunch of work too, but no one wants to hear about that.

Anyway, with all the fun I have been up to I must have stuff to write about from September? I mean, I went sailing in Turkey, I got drunk at Oktoberfest, I got drunk at rugby games, I went to Germany for work, I had issues completing a tax return (oh, wait, that isn't fun)... surely some of that is interesting to read about?

Anyway, now it's dark and cold all the time (stupid England), so maybe I will have more time to write.

  • I have noticed a strange thing at pubs in central London - they often have bouncers to ensure people don’t leave. The only other place I can think of that have guards keeping people in are prisons, but at London pubs (at least during the summer months) you will often find a bouncer standing outside making sure that if you are outside you aren’t too far outside. I assume this is to stop people stealing glasses (or, you know, disturbing the general public), but it always seems strange to me.
  • This might not be news to everyone, but apparently in some countries you can buy Pringles that they add chilli flavour to the other flavours. It is just as amazing as you think it is.

    On the other hand, I think these were leftover from the football world cup, which ideally means they were only a year old, but given I was in a small town in Turkey could easily mean they are 5 or more years old.

    (also, I had forgotten I could align text and pictures side-by-side...  you may be seeing this more)
Adding chilli is like adding bacon, it just works

Adding chilli is like adding bacon, it just works

  • I went to Berlin for work (lovely place, been there twice this year, would recommend) and after a team building exercise I found myself in a pub with a couple of guys sneaking a quick pint before dinner (OK, so not a pint, they don't do them in Europe, more on that in a few weeks).

    As we are waiting to order, I was talking with one of the guys, and a lady with an accent asks if I am American. This is something I have been asked many times in my life(?) so I politely say no and that I am from New Zealand. I then turned around and was going to carry on with my day. Noticing that the lady was still standing there, the other guy asked her if she was American, and then where she was from (she was Russian). By this point I had our drinks, so I went outside.

    Shortly after the lady came out and asked to sit with us. She then proceed to do everything she could to get me talking. She was asking about me, about New Zealand, about anything she could. I mostly humoured her and answered her questions, despite the fact I would have preferred to not be talking to a stranger (dangerous, obviously). At one point she said that she really liked my accent, and that there weren’t many New Zealanders around and that I was “an exotic animal” (I believe she meant this in a good way?). Pretty soon after that she left.

    So, yeah, I was in an Irish pub in Berlin and got hit on by a Russian lady? I have all of the game...

  • Speaking of Germany, which part of this blows air?
That was a TV show wasn't it?

That was a TV show wasn't it?

  • I think there is a problem with how the English name or pronounce places. I am not trying to say that I am an expert, but if every tourist who comes to your country says a name in a different way, maybe the tourists are right?

    Using the Piccadilly line everyday I see and hear a lot of fresh arrivals from Heathrow. Piccadilly also has two stations that people get confused with - Gloucester Road and Leicester Square. I think it must be the “cester” part of the word - as everyone assume this is “chester”, and so we get Glow-chester and Lie-chester, which both seem reasonable?

    My favourite Gloucester pronunciation was “Glow-sta-chur”

    (also, the tourists aren't right. About anything. Ever. Especially using escalators)
Unsurprisingly I am not above toilet humour

Unsurprisingly I am not above toilet humour



  • I went to Turkey and did some sailing. That might be it’s own story in time, but for now I am just going with this - In Turkey, apparently the toilets are dangerous because sometimes ghosts fly out of them?
  • Then the World Cup started!
    Which meant a bunch of watching rugby. It is just like when the World Cup was in New Zealand, except that the host nation won that year.
  • Also, though the English are super weird about drinking at football games, at Wembley they have built in cup holders for the seats. Possibly the smartest thing ever.
English beer holding technology is years ahead of New Zealand

English beer holding technology is years ahead of New Zealand

  • I went to Oktoberfest and did all the German things (well, if drinking a bunch of beers and eating a bunch of chicken nuggets is “all the German things”). Again, this could be it’s own story. For now just accept that Oktoberfest is fantastic. Another thing that is fantastic? Me in lederhosen

And with that lasting image, I guess I am done for now…


Tune in next time for something else - I made some new inventions while sailing Turkey that are sure fire money makers.

I also have more thoughts about air travel (it is the gift that keeps on giving). I may even get to fly first class, so I assume I can make a story out of that fun.