Footnotes to October 2015

(Trying to be just a little more timely with this one)

What happened in October? Lots of rugby. The rest of the time was mainly working, but that doesn't mean stuff didn't happen. Lots of really good stuff that is totally worth reading about.

  • There are a lot of New Zealanders in London. That is probably obvious. Maybe less obvious, they are all pretty good people. I was standing in a bar alone, waiting for an All Blacks game (and for friends, but I have been waiting for them for a long time) and a guy walked passed and gave me a “Kia Ora Bro”.

  • At that same bar (I think) I was ordering a beer and I am pretty sure I saw the bartender realise there were no clean glasses, then take a freshly used glass and just rinse it under a tap before giving it to a customer.
    In general I don’t have a problem with it, it was probably cleaning it enough, but I imagine other people would complain about that.
    (What’s the point of this story? Why did I write that down?)
Meanwhile, at Marks and Spencer you don't have a size problem

Meanwhile, at Marks and Spencer you don't have a size problem

  • A question I still haven’t gotten used to when ordering wine - “Regular or Large?”.

    Part of the problem is I am almost always ordering wine for other people and who am I to judge if they want a pint or a half-pint of wine? But more so, I don’t like the way it is phrased. For whatever reason I think ‘regular’ should be their largest wine, and you should have the option of ‘small’ if you don’t want to drink much.
    Maybe it is tied to standard drinks (i.e. a regular is 1 standard drink), but I suspect there isn’t that much thought behind it.

    So, to clear any confusion - if you are ever asking someone to get you a wine, specify if you want big or small.

    (I guess the real reason they don’t have ‘small’ as an option is that they don’t want people to think they are getting a small amount. But at the same time, if ‘small’ would discourage people to order it, doesn’t it make more sense to call it small so people spend more on the regular?)

  • Here is one I wrote catching a drunk tube home (technically I was drunk, I don’t think the train was), It was a quote between two girls who were drinking a bottle of wine on the tube:

Random girl: “Guys mind more if girls are with guys then if guys are with guys are with girls?”

Anyone know what the girls might have meant by this?

  • And apparently this is how to serve two scoops of ice cream to one person in a Japanese restaurant.
  • We watched the English get knocked out of the World Cup in a very English bar while two Irish guys made jokes about it.
    The Irish are the best.

  • Sometimes you (and I say you not meaning me at all) forget there is a difference between sitting right next to the bar, and sitting far away from the bar.
    For instance, you might often make comments about things, such as a bartender really struggling to pour a beer. That kind of comment is OK as a joke when you are twenty feet away in a noisy bar. However, if you are two feet away on the other side of the tap, and you say “That bartender is pouring that beer really badly” you should maybe try it in a whisper.

    We left the bar after that.
  • At work we have fruit available for staff to eat. But at some point in October I saw the selection that was there and I did get a bit confused.

    Are people eating whole pineapples or watermelons at work?



  • Not to let it go to my head too much, but apparently I am a big deal. In October I got backstage tickets to see Metric and meet the band. Sure, you might not know who Metric are, but I like them and that’s all that really matters.

    Also, the badge is a liar, it was more like “Access a few very specific areas”


And that was October. Now I know last month (well, the September post) I said I had a bunch of stuff written and coming out, including something about a first class flight, well, that is still happening.  Come back on Mondays/Tuesdays for more great(ish) content!

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