Patent Pending - The Salad Dressing Machine

You know what is super hard? Making salad. You have to get vegetables and stuff, then you have to put them in a bowl. It’s the worst thing ever.

Then you have to go and make dressing too! Who has that much time?

Well, I have a new invention to make the whole process easier - The Automatic Measuring Salad Dressing Machine ™ © ® (name pending).

Recently I saw a Jamie Oliver video all about salad, and near the end he showed how easy salad dressing is - Three parts oil, one part acid.

The problem is, that is still way too hard - no one can remember that.

So why remember it, when instead you can have a bottle that measures it out perfectly for you?

Not to scale?

Not to scale?

Now, I know that you can already buy bottles that hold oil and vinegar separately, but the genius part of my new invention (that surely no one else has ever made) is that when you want to use it you can flip it over, the perfect measures of each liquid go into the mixing chamber, and then you just shake it to mix them together.

Sometimes the most complicated solutions are the best.

(The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to add the salt and pepper - but I am working on it and when I figure it out we can send out a software update to patch earlier versions. Or, you know, sell a new improved version for twice the price).