Footnotes to November 2015

Quite a bit happened in November - Unfortunately a lot of it was related to working, so might not translate into something worth reading.

In saying that, I did go to LA and Barcelona, and that did give a bit of content. Also it did start getting really cold. Thanks England.

As usual, here are a handful of things that probably happened in November.

  • Though I might write about this separately, I had my first ever flights in business class and first class.
    Do I think the comfort difference is worth the price? Probably not. But shortly after when I booked flights back to New Zealand upgrading at least crossed my mind.
Look how many knives they gave me!

Look how many knives they gave me!

  • Americans and English people are the same people - In LA, just like in London, people love talking about how to get from A to B. In London it is various tube lines or bus routes, in LA it is listing freeway numbers.

    The best part is that if you aren’t familiar with either city, the conversations never make sense, or, help you get to where you need to go.
  • American bacon is the best. I really think it is better super crispy. I want to be able to have my bacon snap. I want to be able to walk around with it in my hand and it not seem super weird.

  • I went to an LA Kings game. I don’t necessarily care about the Kings as a team, but I did really want to get to a hockey game. It was pretty enjoyable, but I was confused at home many ice hockey fans were eating sushi at the game.
    I guess LA > hockey.
This is how you bacon

This is how you bacon

  • I went to BlizzCon, if you are unaware this is a convention dedicated to Blizzard games. I hadn’t been to any conventions like this before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Turns out there are lots of people playing computer games on PCs that are set up everywhere.

    There was a whole lot of other stuff too, but for some reason I didn’t expect people to show up to play games… I don’t know why I didn’t expect that.

  • In America they take securities law really seriously. In one office all the phones had the SEC on speed dial.
  • Winter sucks. You feel sick all the time, and it is dark and cold. I think you really notice the change on the tube in the morning - everyone seems to get on and be half asleep. There is a lot of eye rubbing, which is also probably why everyone gets sick. Advice I was given when I first arrived was never touch your face on the tube.

    I didn’t follow it that well, but it seemed like good advice.

  • I apparently had an idea for a sitcom - The CEO and Me.
    Sure, the only thing I wrote down was the title, but I assume it came from the two flights that I sat very close to him. In my head this show would work, but maybe you need to know us both?

  • I wasn’t sure if this should be in my next Travel Chronicles, but, 
    What is wrong with hotels?

    As a modern traveler the primary things you probably want from a hotel room are (potentially in order):
  1. A power point
  2. The Internet
  3. A bed
  4. A shower
  5. Security (I guess?)

Everything else is a bonus.
The problem is that most hotels only really give you 3 and 4.

As context, I was staying at the Hilton for work, and in my room I could either use cable internet, or WiFi, but to do either I had to pay. I have no idea how much had already been spent on my room but I am sure it was enough that asking me to then pay for the internet was offensive.

What do you call the place you get power from? free polls
  • Also - why do they hide power points in hotel rooms? I had to move a bedside cabinet, and unplug a lamp and alarm clock to have access to somewhere to plug a phone in (airports also struggle with this problem - I dragged a set of 8 chairs across an airport recently just so I could sit and use a power point. It was 7am so no one was around to question me). 

    This is actually a poll question - what do you call the thing in the wall where power comes from? Answer just over there
  • Actually, why do hotel rooms have alarm clocks? The best case is that they do nothing and aren’t useful, the worst(and normal) case is the alarm goes off in the middle of the night and you have no idea how to stop it

  • And finally, I went roller skating, it was at a work event, and at the time this seemed like a perfectly normal and smart thing to do. After violently introducing my back to the ground twice I managed to figure it out and things were going fine - until I realised I couldn’t turn as well as I thought. I fell down and kicked a pot plant across the room.
    Next time I will just stick to drinking.

Tune in next week for some of those travel chronicles I have promised. I am thinking first class adventures.