Footnotes to July 2014 to July 2015

So, the last post I made was at the end of November, and was about something I did in July (2014). Maybe it is time to write something again?

Now, I am aware that the last post I made had a bit of a cliff hanger ending, so here is the fast recap of what happened for the rest of my trip to Spain.

Went to Granada, saw the Alhambra, went to Seville, had a shave, went to Gibraltar, saw a monkey (and Africa), went to Malaga and saw… a foggy beach, I guess.

Boom, Spain. Good times.

So, why didn’t I write that 7 months ago?
I guess I got busy at work. Yes, that’s right, I got employed soon after arriving back in England and moving to London. The whole recruiter, contracting, interview situation was a bit new, but all made sense and in the end I proved what I always kind of expected - when required I can happily talk myself into or out of a situation.

The other factors impacting writing frequency would be the fact it was summer and there was stuff to do. London is excellent in the summer, and last winter was pretty mild too - why write when I can go to the pub, or leave the country?

So, instead of painstakingly (for writer and, potentially, reader) going through and writing in detail about the last year, here is a quick catch up of things that happened after arriving back in England from Spain:

  • Moved from Cambridge to London
  • Stayed on couches and in spare rooms for a couple of months
  • Interviewed with loads of recruiters, got a job, and found out that the suit I brought was never to be used again
  • Found a flat to live in (much hard and more annoying than finding a job)
  • Found out the person we were living with was not so secretly filthy and after 6 months moved out to a place just down the road
  • Went to Germany (and saw stuff), Portugal (for work and drinking), Belgium (for beers), France (for touristing), Denmark (for Christmas markets), Germany (for beers), Sweden (for induction to my job 6 months after starting), Scotland (for Scotch, and apparently to break bar stools), Italy (for sun), [Northern] Ireland (to see friends), Italy (for more sun and touristing), France (to bond with workmates), Spain (to see friends and boobs on the beach), and Andorra (with friends, because it was there)
  • I also did fun things like the Nottinghill Carnival (and peeing on fancy places), the races at Royal Ascot (with the Queen), ANZAC day at Westminster (with the Queen again!), the Whitehouse Walking Tour of Westminster (which I invented, but was really good), broke two phones on the Waitangi day pub crawl, visiting the pub, getting drunk in the park and waking up early to watch New Zealand sports teams.
  • Not writing much

So, to that last point… I think this time I actually might keep up with some of this writing. Sure, I am aware I have a lot going on in the next month or so, but I also do have a lot of notes and half written things I could post.

Let’s just imagine that there is more to come.