The joys of air travel (Part 3)

(I completely forgot I had drafted this a while ago. Here was me thinking I had been doing any writing, and instead I had things already written and ready to go. Sure, it is just me complaining about air travel (again), but it's something)

Though I am not sure I have written parts 1 and 2, I know I have mentioned some pitfalls of air travel before. And, here I go again, [other] people just aren’t all that good at air travel.

I think part of the problem is that people don’t see air travel as public transport, but really it is, so the same rules should apply, right? Don’t talk to or look at anyone else. Stay out of people's space and keep your stuff out of the way. Also, don’t touch anything that belongs to anyone else. If we can do that we might all just arrive where we need to without being in a bad mood.

But somewhere along the way all of these rules went flying out the window (not the window of a plane of course, as that would really ruin the flight for everyone else).

So, here are some more things I have encountered on flights recently:

  • I think I was witness to the greatest worst thing on a flight ever. There was a family with a screaming child (maybe 4 years old?), and rather than doing anything to try and comfort him the parents pulled out an iPad to video him screaming on a plane.

    In case you were wondering the problem was the screaming, the non-reaction, and, the filming video on an iPad. The perfect storm of annoying people.

    Better than all that was the fact the parents replayed the video (with loud audio) to the child later on in the same flight after the kid had stopped screaming.
  • On another recent flight (with BA, la-de-dah), a crew member came around offering food. I had no idea what the food was, and knowing I might not eat it, I wanted to find out before accepting anything. Here is the conversation:

Crew Member - Bacon or vegetarian?
Me - What is it?
CM - Bacon or vegetarian
Me - But, what is it?
CM (looking quite upset at my questions) - Bacon is pork

She then turned away and served someone else. As she did this the person behind me (who I knew) tapped me on the shoulder to express her shock at how rude the lady was, and then the guy sitting next to me who was also confused at the whole situation explained that they were serving wraps. Which is all I had ever wanted the crew member to tell me.

  • Air travel also leads me to write notes to myself such as:
I am really pleasant to be around sometimes

I am really pleasant to be around sometimes

  • Why do customs officers want to know if I currently have a job? I generally say yes (because it is true), but it doesn't have any impact on me being allowed in the country, so why do they care so much?
    I have a theory that many of the questions you are asked at customs are just to kill a little time. I don't know how long it takes to look up your passport in the system, but I imagine they just want to chat instead of blankly staring at a loading screen?
    I have no problem with this (please don't put me on a list), all my customs experiences have been pretty good so far (excluding lines at Stansted), but it's just something I think about when waiting.
  • While we are here, let's rank the London airports?
    1. Heathrow (this might be because of living on the Piccadilly line)
    2. (They might make a new airport at some point, and I think I should leave this open in case)
    3.  City (I have never flown from there, but people say it is good)
    4. Gatwick (It always feels like it is really far away. But more than that, it doesn't seem like you can get there without paying for the Gatwick express, which is a total scam)
    5. Luton (I haven't flown from there, and I don't know anyone who has, but how bad could it be?)
    9. Stansted (It is in Cambridge anyway so shouldn't really count, but I really do not like this airport. However, I did take the following photo at Stansted and it was at least amusing for that short amount of time)
I don't know what happens in that tunnel, but the fact it is there should be a warning sign

I don't know what happens in that tunnel, but the fact it is there should be a warning sign

Coming soon, me complaining about buses (already done that a bit) and probably trains too!