Patent Pending - PPLT and PPLTG

(I don’t know if I plan on posting these every week, but I am away so this was easier to post then other things I have written)


I am told there are many people who enjoying swimming as a means of exercise, but a problem they have is tracking their laps and times.

Well worry no more, because I (or someone) have designed a handy device to help with this. The real problem I have is I can’t come up with a name, so, let’s call it the Personal Pool Lap Timer ™.

Basically the device is a relatively large sensor that you can stick on the end of a pool, and then every [2] lap[s] you touch it and it will register your laps, and the time. It will have a big display that will show you the time/laps as well, meaning you never have to stop.

Here are some of the initial prototype drawings to help this all make sense:

Simple and perfect, right?

Well, no, not actually - which is why I have also invented the second generation of the device - the Personal Pool Lap Timer Glove ™. The idea is similar, but the device becomes a wearable glove (type thing).

This will have a few sensors on the fingertips which when pressed against the end of the pool will count a lap, and record the timing. The display will be on the back of the hand/wrist, meaning you can still see everything as you go along. The benefit of this is that it also will track every lap, not just every second lap.

Again, pictures help:

You can sign up for updates about this product here. Kickstarter launching soon.

I assume it will be waterproof and wireless (other than the wires in the picture above).