Patent Pending - The Lady Pee Curtain

(sometimes I have great invention ideas, don’t steal them)

Look, we all know it sucks to be a girl at a public drinking-type event - using a bathroom is just impossible (or so I am told). Men don’t understand because they can just pee on a tree or something and don’t have to queue up. Well, now you lucky ladies can pee anywhere too, introducing The Lady Pee Curtain (LPC ™).

Now, this pitch might sound similar to the Shewee, which it is because the products have the same idea in mind, but instead of a funnel, the LPC ™ is a belt that you can wear all day, but when you need to pee it folds down, or wraps around like a shower curtain (from the waist down) so you can pee in public without people seeing.

Well, they will totally see you (it isn't an invisibility cloak), but, they won’t see what you are doing.

Here are the initial sketches:

How has no one ever thought of this before?

How has no one ever thought of this before?

Simple right? Now to sit back and let the dollars roll in...

(This idea comes courtesy of my time at the Notting Hill Carnival. Don’t get stabbed, kids)

After some more thought, I think this device might already basically exist, it's a skirt isn't it? This might need some redesign.