Patent Pending - App ideas? - Airport Guide

I have a whole series of invention ideas, but not everything is an invention, some things are just good ideas. I don't know that I like the idea that everything needs to be an app (90% of the time just having a website would suffice), but since everyone seems to talk about Apps, these will be my app ideas. It is all the rage with the kids.

You know when you arrive at the airport, and you want to eat something, but you aren't sure whether there is anything after security? Or if you want to buy something duty free but you don't know what shops are at the airport or terminal you are going to? Well here is my idea for a super useful app/website to deal with this:

A guide to all airports explaining where shops/food are

Simple right? But I don’t think it currently exists, and because if involves other businesses I feel like making money from it is simple too (I assume advertising/featuring businesses works).

So the key of the idea is an app/site that has all airports details included,  and in each case it would explain what shops/restaurants were at the airport, and where they were (before or after security, only at certain terminals etc). You could download it for offline use as well, so that when you are traveling somewhere you don't need to have data to use it.


Trademark (to confirm, just saying that makes it true, right?)


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

(I guess the alternative is airports could have a sign near the entrance with this same information shown on them. But signs are so old fashioned)