Patent Pending - App Ideas - Electronic Landing Cards

This is another invention that might actually not be an invention, but let's run with this format anyway...

I know I talk about travel a lot, but that's just because talking about accounting isn't quite as interesting (not always true), so here is another travel related idea:

Why do we still have to complete physical landing cards? Sure, they provide a record for countries you are visiting, but, the whole process feels a bit antiquated given there is so much technology that could fill the same purpose easily. So why not....

An electronic landing card

(I recognise there is no surprise in revealing the idea when it is already the title of this post, but if I didn't say what the idea was just now then how would this post even make sense?)


The idea is simple, you have an app on your phone, you pick the country you are landing in and a form pops up with the details you need to complete on arrival in that country. When you get to customs you walk up to the booth, tap your phone, and all the details you completed are on screen for the official to go through. You still need your passport, but, it means you don’t have to worry about the landing card part.
To make things faster they could even let you submit the landing "card" as you walk off the plane that way when you get to the customs official they just scan your passport and have all your answers there and it has had time to flag any items they need to ask about.



I guess this isn’t really needed given most passports these days are chipped anyway and at least in Europe it doesn't seem like landing cards are a thing, but it is still a pain when you have an ePassport that you can generally only use it in your own country. Couldn't most of customs be realitively automated, and, shouldn't it be? 


I'll be the first to admit this isn't the strongest idea coming back from such a long term haitus, but just you wait, I have some great train ideas already written up, and then some good ideas to fix "smart" locks.