Patent Pending - Pre-filed Greeting Cards

Now you might think this idea already exists, greet cards generally already have something written in them, but it is always impersonal and you have to write something additional. My idea is greeting cards that are already completed with personal messages, that look like they were handwritten.

This could work for individual cards, but I think the key to the market is the business world.

Here is an example:

Frank is leaving work, but lots of people are out of the office, or too busy to sign Frank's leaving card. Instead of giving Frank a card with no messages in it (figure 1 below), you can go to the website, order a leaving card, enter the names of some colleagues, and the next day (or same day pick up from lots of locations? Or maybe even self printing options?) a card is delivered with handwritten (or at least looking like that) messages from all of Frank’s colleagues (figure 2 below).
(Sorry to anyone named Frank?)

Generic Comment

Generic Comment

This would work with everything, birthdays, pregnancies, redundancies, deaths - any occasion you can think of you can now have a full card of warm wishes.


On an individual level you could also have cards with longer messages in them.
There would be a form you could complete that has lots of options questions about key facts about the person (they like sports, they travel lots, they are accused of crimes etc), you fill in as many as you want and our special algorithm makes the message is more relevant.

I imagine Hallmark has already made me a bank transfer to buy this. It is the best money making idea for them since they invented Arbour Day.